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The main requirement for state insurance is that you

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I have a drill that I just love and my students always hate Cheap Danny Drinkwater Jersey , at first. This drill requires focus, balance, athleticism and strength. It is known as the ?Stop @ the Top? drill.

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This drill can be done with or without a ball. I prefer to start the junior golfer without a ball at first and then work our way into actually hitting balls from this ?Stop @ the Top? position.

So what can be learned from this drill? Here are a few things that I want my junior golf students to learn:

?Balance: The ?Stop @ the Top? will force you to stay in balance and not sway off of the ball.

?Tempo: The ?Stop @ the Top? will force you to slow down your backswing dramatically. This improves balance and control of the swing.

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?Power: The ?Stop @ the Top? will prove to the junior golfer that power comes from storing the energy of the swing and then releasing it toward the target. So many junior golfers lose power because they swing the club back so fast that it takes a lot of energy just to make the transition to the downswing which means lost power and probably some deceleration issues.

?Movement: The ?Stop @ the Top? will restrict movement in the head and the body moving off of the ball. This will make the junior golfers swing tighter with more power. It will also eliminate the over the top move or looping under the plane.

Compare the junior golfer?s backswing to an archer pulling back the bowstring. The archer has a slow steady pull until all of the energy of the bow is stored. The archer will hold this position until he is sure of his target and then all of the energy of the bow is released toward the target with the arrow flying with full power right towards the bull?s eye. The backswing should be viewed exactly the same way, a slow and gentle movement to the top of the swing, storing up all of the players energy and then releasing it all toward the target.

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