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prioritized for transfer.

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When you first hear about memorial diamonds Cheap Baseball Jerseys Outlet , the first thought that comes to mind is that you can buy some sort of diamonds and use them as a reminder of a loved one that passes away. Even though you are partially right, you should know that the process is much more complicated than that and it involves an essential ingredient that you have not thought about until now. You have the option to invest in a process that helps you make diamonds out of cremation ashes.

No matter how you look at it, it is a bit peculiar to even think about something like this. The traditional way of dealing with the loss of a loved one involves a burial or cremation. In the second scenario, the ashes are either spread around in a particular place or kept in an urn. However, there are new, different ways of making the presence of a loved one stick around for a long time. Of course, it has nothing to do with spirits or anything like that.

In fact, the science behind these memorial diamonds is that the human ashes contain carbon that can be turned into something else using a particular type of technology. It takes a few months and it needs an actual diamond seed to grow, but the diamond made out of the ashes of your loved one will be ready and sent to you as soon as it is finished. You can think about this type of service as the perfect way to honour the person that you lost. When making diamonds out of cremation ashes, you can have a few additional requests.

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You just find the company and ask them to send over a kit for the ashes. When the kit is delivered, you place the cremation ashes there and return the kit to the company that will start the process of separating the carbon from the other components. After approximately 6 months, the diamond will find its way to you. Seeing as this is a really emotional process, you can ask the specialists working with the ashes to send over photos that will let you know more about the progress. You can decide to use the diamond for a particular jewellery setting that you intend on wearing.

Advanced Embryo Selection is a term used to describe a genetic test carried out on IVF embryos prior to transfer. AES does not diagnose any specific diseases but looks more generally at the genetic makeup of the embryo
In order to understand genetic testing of embryos we have to first grasp some basic cell biology; each cell in the body has 46 Chromosomes, except eggs and sperm which have 23 each. The egg and sperm combine to give the offspring a total of 46 chromosomes – half from the egg and half from the sperm. Each chromosome has many genes, or instructions, its length. The genes control characteristics like the hair or eye color of your baby.
Below is a diagram of normal male chromosomes, notice that the chromosomes are made up of pairs, two of each plus an XY for males and an XX for females (making a total of 46)
Advanced Embryo Selection (AES)
When an egg and sperm combine to form an embryo, there is sometimes an extra chromosome present; we see this with disorders such as Down’s syndrome where there are 3 copies of chromosome 21. The extra chromosome can come from either the egg or the sperm and this aberration can happen in natural conception. In addition to there being extra chromosomes Cheap Baseball Jerseys From China , there may be chromosomes missing from the embryo. In most cases, either a loss or gain in chromosomes will result in an embryo that will not implant or grow normally.
If an embryo contains the wrong number of chromosomes, let’s say for example one is missing, then the cells in that embryo are missing a whole set of instructions. If there is an extra chromosome the cells will malfunction by following those instructions twice as often as they should.
It is possible to test each individual embryo created through IVF and count the number of chromosomes present. This is done by taking cells from the embryo on either day 3 or day 5 of development and carrying out tests on those cells to analyse their genetic makeup. The embryo can easily compensate for the removal of cells with a few cell divisions. In good hands, the biopsy of an embryo has little effect on its growth, although it may slow its growth down slightly.
Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH):
CGH is a genetic test of eggs and embryos. It offers much more precise information than standard genetic testing has in the past. During CGH testing all chromosomes including X and Y are analysed and compared to a sample of “normal” DNA. The embryonic DNA is labelled green and the normal DNA is labelled red. If the embryo has a normal number of chromosomes, then there will be an equal amount of embryo (green) DNA and “normal” (red) DNA and the result should appear yellow.
If the embryo is missing a chromosome, that area appears more red (i.e. extra “normal” DNA). If the embryo has an extra chromosome that area appears greener. A computerized scanner interprets the results of the slides which are then verified by a trained scientist.
The advantage of doing CGH testing over traditional testing is that all 23 pairs of chromosomes can be tested and the results are more accurate when testing for aneuploidy. CGH may increase IVF pregnancy rates by helping to identify the Embryos most likely to produce a pregnancy, allowing them to be prioritized for transfer.
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